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NTF Private Collection
Space Cookies



Nfts Cover Image

NFT Cover Image

The project

A Californian Recreational Cannabis Bakery, that for privacy reasons we will call MJ Bakery, contacted us asking to put in place a unique NFT Collection that would resemble their Marketing Campaign for their new upcoming product: edible cookies containing THC.

As their clientele is unique and has many VIPs we had to keep the standards "HIGH"...

In the industry of Cannabis, those edibles are known as SPACE COOKIES. The connection to the infinite of space was automatic and for this reason, we decided to focus the entire project on a journey around space that allows you to travel and discover new worlds, galaxies, and cosmic entities. We also wanted to pay tribute to the official date of when Cannabis become legal (April 20th indeed 4/20) so this is how we ended up creating 420 unique designs.

The holders of those NFTs receive, on a quarter rota base, a box containing 4 different Space Cookies that will allow them to taste unique products while traveling through Galaxies.

Targeted Audience

The targeted audience is their already existing clients with the age range of 27 - 45 Years old. As those are classified as Millennials, the MJ Bakery decided to opt for a pixeled collection as this wants to remind of the first 64 bit games as the NFT World for them is a new adventure, just like it was the venture of the games in the '80s and '90s.

NFTs Collection Layers

Each NFT is represented by a Cookie and its sprinkles as the planet in their own Galaxy. There are 3 rarity categories:

- The Cookie dough

- The sprinkles flavor

- The Galaxy Each of these rarities consists of 13 different flavors, colors, and planets

The design of the NFTs layers was created in Adobe Photoshop

Smart Contract

The entire collection was signed up with an ETH smart contract for then being minted directly on the webpage that has been created for this project ( unfortunately due to privacy reasons this can't be shared ). The smart contract has been created using Visual Studio Code and NODE.

Landing Page Development

A dedicated landing page with a mint button has been created so clients and customers, who have been privately invited, could directly mint the NFT. The page was created on WordPress.

Advertising and Marketing

As this was a 100% secret project on invitation only, the usual upload on Opensea has been avoided as the MJ Bakery owners did want to keep the collection super ultra-unique. Nor a Discord server was implemented but just a secret Telegram Group where you could access only by being invited.


In order to showcase on my Portfolio this amazing but secret work, we have received permission to disclose only 2 NFTs which you can find here below


Red Velvet Cookie with Molly Sparkles in the Astral Realm


Frosty Cookie with Lucy Sparkles in the Intergalactig Gate

Total cost of this project: 5.500€

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