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How to make your Hotel's website look more like a magazine than a brochure

For many luxury hotels, the website isn't just a brochure anymore—it's a digital magazine that showcases all the things that make your hotel special. From 360-degree photos to videos of events and spa treatments, here are five ways you can make your luxury hotel website feel more like a glossy magazine than an outdated pamphlet on hotel website:

Use a textured background on your site.

As you are building out your website, be sure to use images that are high resolution and of good quality. The images should be consistent throughout the site. The images should not be too bright or too dark; they should have a high contrast ratio. If you find yourself using blurry pictures, it may be time for new ones!

Try video testimonials.

If you want to stand out from the competition, try video testimonials. A video can showcase your property in a way that can't be conveyed with text alone. It also provides an opportunity to show off your amenities in action, which is especially important for hotels that offer unique experiences like spa treatments or cooking classes.

  • Use testimonials on landing pages and site-wide banners

  • Testimonial videos should be no longer than two minutes and include multiple quotes from different guests who have stayed at the property

Include a map of local attractions.

Include a map of local attractions. Whether it's a tourist-friendly zoo or the city's most renowned bar, be sure to include an interactive map on your website so that visitors can easily locate the businesses and activities they're looking for. The more user-friendly your site is, the more likely it is that customers will return to book their next trip.

Add links to former guests' social media accounts.

Adding links to guests' social media accounts makes it easy for them to share their experience with others. This can help you grow your following, get more people talking about you and your hotel, and build a community around your brand.

In addition, having the ability to connect with customers on social media gives you an opportunity to hear directly from the people who stay at your hotel—and that means better feedback about what's working and what isn't in terms of both service delivery and technology usage. When you receive a great review or testimonial from a guest through these channels, make sure you post it publicly as well so other potential guests can see how amazing it is staying at your property!

Feature a video of your property.

A video of your property is a great way to humanize your hotel and make it feel more welcoming. It’s also an effective way to showcase the unique features of your property, like an indoor pool or a breakfast bar in the lobby.

A good video will tell a story about what makes your property unique, whether that’s through beautiful views of the surrounding area or interesting facts about its history. Video can also help you stand out from competitors by showing off local landmarks or events—or even by introducing new amenities that no other hotels offer.

If you aren't sure where to start with making videos, think about what kind of videos you have seen on other websites that have made an impact on you (this could be anything from home decorating tutorials to travel vlogs). Then ask yourself how well those videos were able to capture their subject matter: did they make viewers want more? If so, then there's probably something worth replicating here!

Showcase the magazine articles written about your property in a digital "newsstand."

Have you ever seen a business with its own digital newsstand? If so, you may have been impressed by the way it showcased articles written about the company in a place that was easy to find.

If a visitor wants to learn more about your hotel, show off some of the articles written about you and let them read the full article online or on their mobile device. This shows customers that they’re important enough to get coverage from respected media outlets.

Include links to each original article so readers can click through and read those as well—and make sure those links go directly back to their original source (e.g., The New York Times).

Add videos or photos that show off your events, décor and catering offerings.

  • Add videos or photos that show off your events, décor and catering offerings.

  • Use videos and photos to show off your property's unique features.

  • Use videos and photos to show off your property's amenities.

Offer an app that showcases what's happening at the hotel (activities, concerts, spa treatments) and on property during specific times of day.

Apps are a great way to showcase what’s happening at the hotel. They can be used to highlight events, activities and spa treatments; to advertise special events happening on property during specific times of day; and even to showcase photos and videos from previous trips.

A luxury hotel website does not have to feel like a brochure from the 1980s.

A luxury hotel website can be a great way to showcase the beauty and opulence of your property. However, if it doesn’t feel like anything more than an advertisement for your business, then it will not be able to attract potential guests or encourage them to book.

A luxury hotel website does not have to feel like a brochure from the 1980s. There are plenty of ways you can present yourself as luxurious without using stock photos or templates that look cheap and unoriginal. Here are some tips:

  • Don't use templates—or any kind of generic design elements that could be used by anyone else with minimal customization (this goes for most things in life, but especially on websites). Instead, try adding custom fonts and graphics that reflect your brand identity so people know exactly who is responsible for creating them—you!


These tips will help you create a luxury hotel website that feels more like a magazine than a brochure.

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