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Lennart Neubauer




The project

Meet Lennart Neubauer, the 18-year-old windsurfing prodigy who's making waves as the reigning U18 Freestyle Windsurf World Champion! With a roster of big-name sponsors and an enviable training location on the picturesque island of Naxos, Greece, Lennart is truly living the dream.

But every champion needs a symbol to match their talent - and that's where we come in.

Our goal? To craft a logo that encapsulates Lennart's dual German and Greek heritage, embodies his budding brand, and exudes the perfect blend of simplicity and dynamism. The icing on the cake? We also aim to bring the exhilarating experience of windsurfing competition into the digital realm.

So strap on your helmets, folks - we're about to take Lennart's brand to new heights!


  • Create a logo that represents Lennart's German and Greek roots

  • Reflect Lennart's upcoming brand through the logo design

  • Develop a simple yet dynamic logo that stands out in the windsurfing industry

  • Bring the experience of a windsurf competition into the digital world

  • Craft an unforgettable logo that makes Lennart proud and captivates his fans worldwide.



  • Conducted competitor market research to understand the current branding trends in the windsurfing industry

  • Created user journey and site map to understand the target audience and their needs

  • Merged the Greek alphabet letters λ and v (L and N) into a single symbol to create a clean and dynamic N symbolizing his surname (Neubauer)

  • Developed Lennart's brand architecture and identity, including logo design, color psychology, and typography

  • Designed and developed Lennart's website using Figma, Adobe Photoshop, and WordPress

    By conducting thorough market research and understanding the needs of Lennart's target audience, we were able to create a dynamic logo that effectively captures his brand identity. Our design team utilized their expertise in color psychology and typography to create a memorable visual experience for Lennart's fans. And let's not forget about the website - we used the latest technology to create a stunning digital platform that showcases Lennart's skills and accomplishments.

Logo Architecture

We were able to develop a distinctive and dynamic logo that properly symbolizes Lennart's individuality by combining the Greek letters into a single symbol. The simplicity and complexity of the logo make it instantly recognized and memorable, while the combination of both German and Greek inspirations make it a fitting reflection of Lennart's ancestry. The skills of our design team in logo architecture enabled us to build a strong symbol that embodies Lennart's brand identification and displays his remarkable talents in the world of windsurfing.


  • The logo for Lennart Neubauer's brand was created by merging the Greek alphabet letters λ and v (L and N) into a single symbol.

  • The resulting logo is a clean and dynamic N symbolizing his surname (Neubauer).

  • The logo embraces both Lennart's German and Greek heritage, reflecting his identity and values.

  • By using a unique and memorable design approach, we were able to create a logo that stands out in the competitive windsurfing industry.

  • The logo architecture perfectly captures Lennart's brand identity and serves as a powerful symbol of his talent and accomplishments.

Color Psycology

Lennart's trademark colors were picked with care to express his personality and love of windsurfing. The predominant color scheme comprises blue, teal, and fuchsia, drawing influence from the seaside surroundings of the Greek island of Naxos and the brilliant colors of his windsurfing equipment. These colors were chosen to reflect the energy, exhilaration, and freedom associated with windsurfing. The brand identity is energetic and distinctive due to the use of strong and brilliant colors. The mix of blue, teal, and fuchsia provides a lively and memorable brand identity. Lennart's brand identity is wonderfully captured by the color palette, which also acts as a compelling representation of his ability and accomplishments. 

Because of our design team's knowledge in color psychology, we were able to select the colors that would best resonate with Lennart's target demographic and successfully represent his brand's values. As a consequence, the brand identity perfectly represents Lennart's enthusiasm and successes in the world of windsurfing.

[Original size] λ (3)_edited.png


Lennart's font plays an important role in establishing his brand identity and personality. To express his activity and enthusiasm for windsurfing, we wanted to design a typeface that was both simple and lively. Following extensive study and analysis, our design team chose Open Sans as the primary typeface for Lennart's identity.

Open Sans is a modern and readable typeface perfect for digital design. Its clean and contemporary lines lend it a timeless character that is ideal for developing a dynamic and adaptable company identity. Because of its readability, it is also a fantastic choice for digital platforms where legibility is critical. 

Lennart chose Open Sans for his brand identity on purpose since it successfully expresses his brand's beliefs and attitude. The adaptability and current feel of the typeface make it an ideal match for Lennart's lively and dynamic brand identity.

Overall, our design team's typography experience enabled us to select the appropriate typeface that truly expresses the spirit of Lennart's brand. We were able to build a brand identity that is both current and timeless using Open Sans, while also effectively conveying Lennart's enthusiasm for windsurfing.

Final Results

The branding project for U18 Freestyle Windsurf World Champion Lennart Neubauer was a great success. The logo design and brand identity reflected the spirit of Lennart's personality and sport, utilizing a clean and energetic N that represented his surname (Neubauer) and embraced both his German and Greek heritage. The brand colors and typography also effectively represented Lennart's enthusiasm for windsurfing, resulting in an exciting and contemporary brand identity.

The website design and development offered a digital framework for bringing a windsurf competition experience into the digital realm. The website perfectly captured the thrill and intensity of windsurfing events, providing Lennart with a great platform to exhibit his ability and accomplishments to the globe through a user-friendly design and interesting content.

"JOVI Creative Studio managed to gather the essence of both my sport and my personality!" said Lennart of the branding project's ultimate result. Her work has amazed me!"


Our design team was ecstatic to receive such excellent feedback from Lennart, as it confirmed our dedication to establishing a brand identity that genuinely expressed his passion and achievements.

Overall, Lennart's branding project's success was a tribute to our design team's experience in branding, web design, and digital marketing. We were able to produce a dynamic and memorable brand identity that effectively represented Lennart's distinctive personality and enthusiasm for windsurfing by combining our creativity and technical expertise.

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