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The project

Institut Bitcoin is an educational institution that teaches the concept of bitcoin and how to invest in cryptocurrencies. The founder is an expert in cryptocurrencies, he was into bitcoin and its technology from its beginning. He now shares his expertise in high-profile conferences and business schools classes. The classes are taking place in Paris and remote. The founder of this company asked us to do the architecture, the design and the development of his website. The website is a e-commerce website where visitors can buy their participation at a class from introduction to practical exercices on how to invest.

Targeted Audience

The targeted audience is large and niche at the same time. We are aiming worldwide active people who are interested in cryptocurrencies, as completely non-knowers or as people who have interested in cryptocurrencies investment. The user experience must be straightforward. This very dynamic audience needs a straight to the point display of services. 

Style Tiles

The color palette needs to match the one that the bitcoin industry has established since its creation.

It needs to be inspire confidence in the bitcoin expertise.


The typography is newspaper like. It shows confidence and expertise. The titles are serif and the body text is sans serif and very lisible.

Logo Design

As per the founder request, the logo is clear on its intention. The bitcoin is at the center of the logo and the company's name is crowning it. The rest represents the visualization of the connection of the blockchain.

Capture d’écran 2022-10-26 à 10.01.44.png


The website has been manufactured on the CMS WordPress. The e-commerce was made thanks to the WooCommerce plugin.


Total cost of this project: 1.600€

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