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The project

Byas-Perry Properties is a luxury real estate company based in Switzerland. The founder of this agency asked us to build the architecture, design and development of his website.

Targeted Audience

The targeted audience is large and niche at the same time. We are aiming Swiss people, wealthy or upper-class and into luxury real estate goods. They include young and elderly people. So the website has to transpire TIMELESS and CLASSIC. The website can't be into too much visual effects and have to consider limited users in terms of colors and typography. All pages should be neat and accessible to everyone. The audience is Swiss but can be either urban or rural.

Style Tiles

The color palette must reflect brick stone authenticity and luxury. It isn't a high-tech company that needs to show luxury and innovation. The colors gold and velvet red were chosen.


Regarding the typography, we wanted the clearest and accessible police for everything written on the website. We chose Pontano Sans that looks like a fancier Arial.

For the logo, the police is with serif, which makes the brand stable and trustworthy.


Image database

The image database is very specific to what the founder of the company wanted to reflect on the properties he would sell. All the images should resonate luxurious and most of all with a credible Swiss style. Interior design had to be carefully considered as well since our audience shares our taste in design.


The website has been manufactured on the CMS SquareSpace. Byas-Perry Properties needed a minimalistic website that allies modernity to authenticity.


Total cost of this project: 1.600€

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