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We are Josephine and Vittoria. We met in design classes a while ago and it was a professional crush. After working for several clients and having successful results, we decided to join our forces and provide mutual services. Our skills are complementary and we work closely with partners that share their expertise for the success of our clients.

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Vittoria Anastasia Valentini

Vittoria’s first love has always been Design; She studied Digital & Multimedial Arts in Italy. Her curiosity brought her to start travelling the world and getting closer to the Hospitality industry. She closely leaved and breathed the Luxury Resorting Life. After years spent working for Expedia Group, She decided that it was time to start merging her two passions by bringing to life a tailormade solution for Luxury Business Owners that are in need to reach their right and ideal clients.

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Joséphine Remy

After a Master’s degree in Corporate Finance and 3 years experience in Process Optimization and Lean Management for the French government at Capgemini Invent, Josephine decided to change path and gain more technical skills in web development. She then drifted to lean towards her creative side where she thrives now as a UX/UI designer and front-end expert.

Our Expertise in the Travel Industry

We have worked with many different industries such as Real Estate, Fintech (NTFs & cryptocurrencies), Music Production, Food & Beverage etc. and are interested in working with any kind of companies, regardless of their size and business.

Nevertheless, our expertise lies in the travel industry, especially luxury brands. We love to redesign their virtual “façade” in order to reflect the physical experience.

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